Emergency button improvements


I’d like to remove some clutter around my rig and noticed that the ER button cable for my Simucube sport is 2 meters long. May I ask what’s the point of that? In my understanding, the button should be within arm’s reach, and I’ve never seen a person with 2 meters arm length :slight_smile:

Also it would be nice if attaching the ER button would be mandatory only like above 10 nm. Many of us never go beyond that and at that level of force the ER button is just sitting around useless.


Imagine that a user prefers to put it close to the ground, to tap it able feet, I think for safety, than to keep a sufficient length so that each one places the button where it wishes it.

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I’ve had a sim freak out when the torque was set to 6.5nm, and I still managed to pull a ligament in my little finger after catching the wheel awkwardly.

Nope, Simucube have it right - E-Stop always connected.

The e-stop connection really physically enables current to flow to the motor control power transistors, so it cannot be left out without major electronics redesign.

I have it close to my left foot. One hit and it’s safe. I even can unlock it with 2 feets…

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