ElectroStatic Discharge on TH8A

Hi everyone

I think this isn’t really SimuCUBE related but clever people are on here so…

Sometimes, when I’m drifting, the steering wheel (Suede) is slipping in my hands and that builds up static electricity.

Then when I want to change gear on my TH8A, I discharge that electricity right into the gear lever.
Sometimes when this happens I get the “Windows USB connect/disconnect” sound.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?

SimRacingBay 30NM Mige (SinCos).
HE Pro pedals (with that little ground wire attached to the pedal plate). Vibration motors on each pedal.
HE Seq shifter.
HE hand brake.
TH8A H-shifter.
2 suede steering wheels. One with Ascher-Racing button box.
Ordinary button box.
Everything is mounted on a HE Sim GT rig.

Hey Dennis,
Easiest would be to connect ground strap from metal part of your shifter to ground anywhere on your rig or direct to earth-point on servo or some place similar.

This should aleviate the issue.



We used to do a lot of shows with other wheels and shifters at trade shows.Las Vegas I think is the worst when it comes to dry static conditions and experienced exactly what you mention. Grounding is the best way to do it as phillip.vanrensburg mentioned. We ran ours back to the ground plug on the wall. When running generators we put a spike in the ground. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Beano and Petrosin. I will try to attach a grounding wire to the gear lever.