Electric/Vibration Noises from simucube 2 ultimate

Hello Everyone, just brought a simucube 2 ultimate and im new to direct drive wheels so i dont know if this is normal or not but my simucube 2 ultimate makes this buzzing noise? ( idk how to explain it but linked a video below) the noise varies per setup so just wanted to confirm if this is normal or not. The base works fine and i dont mind the noise that much as long as im assured that this is normal

(Now please keep in mind that im not talking about the “tk tk tk” noise thats just my rig but the buzzing noise that you can hear)


Perfectly normal, enjoy your wheel.

Thanks a lot mate, appreciate it.

However, me being careless when i was re arranging the wires i forgot that the psu was turned on and as my psu wire touched the connector inside, it sparked for a sec. It wasn’t anything major and the base works fine but do you think that might’ve had any impacts to my base?

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The DC connector is not meant for hot plugging - always power off the PSU or disconnect it from mains first before manipulating the DC power connector on the wheel base. A single sparc event does not usually cause any harm, though.

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Thanks Mika will keep it in mind. I think no damage from this one then as it works fine as of now without any abnormal significant noises from the wheel base

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Some basics that are really helpful:

Enjoy the best wheel available!

Thanks mate, appreciate it

These videos are really helpful. They lift the fog on a variety of basic questions, Fe:

What cones first, in-game FFB settings or TD? In-game, then fine tune in TD.

Can I prevent clipping with higher torque in TD? Is there this famous “headroom”, where a stronger DD with more overall torque has an advantage? No. Clipping is caused from the strength of the FFB signal travelling from the game to the Simucube 2. Adding torque won’t help; in connection with clipping the headroom is a myth, a wrong statement.

Each setting available in TD is useful, serves a purpose. So I should use all of them. Wrong, and those you will use in certain situations have drastic impacts. Damping in steps of 1 is very easy to feel, friction aswell. Values over 10 will reduce a huge amount of FFB details. If you see profiles with numbers over 20, sometimes 30 then they are often a result of “torque must always be at 100%” under all circumstances attitude.

Slew rate limitation: the sliders doesn’t limit by Fe 0.2. It will limit to 0.2!! In this case you would have eliminated almost all slew rate available!!

Simracing is extremely fascinating. Although the Simucube 2 models imo are the best products available, the steering wheel alone just can’t provide the full FFB available. For around 150 Euros you can get pedal rumble motors, which tell you about wheel slip/lock, traction loss, road texture ammo. For maybe maximum 100 Euros you get a bass shaker plus amplifier to enable the famous popometer (Michael Schumacher had an absolutely fine tuned edituon).

Such a setup setup will surprise you day after day. It never gets boring :checkered_flag::heart_hands::four_leaf_clover:

First of all, Thanks a bunch for all your recommendations mate.

I get a bit of the stuff you’re saying but can u please explain me the term “slew rate” and also, i know what clipping is but is there a way i can feel the wheel doing it? Switching from t300 directly to the simucube 2 ultimate is well, ultimate. Hence im still getting used to it

And thanks a lot for the recommendations as well, i just brought the fanatec v3’s ( i know they ain the best ones out there but on sale for £300 i think they do up a fair one) so the rumble motors are alright

Unfortunately though, ive gone broke after buying the simucube 2 ultimate the v3’s and i’m ordering the trak racer 160 aswell. But i will keep the other things in mind

instead of the tr160 though, can u please recommend some alternatives i can buy? I don’t really mind the price that much but the shipping time for the tr160 is just too much and im literally dying to play this holiday season

Torque Slew rate is the rate of change of the torque signal. If there is a limiter, then the software limits the change rate to the one in the settings. Result is much more smooth and rubbery feel on the wheel. However any real change in feel only comes when the slew rate limit has been set at 1.5 Nm/ms or less - any faster slew rates than that are not really useful in simracing.

No way to feel it other than that the wheel feels just “dead” and that there is no feeling of details in corners. Some games such as iRacing have a FFB meter that would show it pegged in RED when the clipping is happening.

Foa, thanks for the kind words. It sometimes is difficult to find a balance between trying to help, and sounding like an all knowing ass.

Slew rate is the maximum value of torque change per millisecond. .
For the Ultimate model we have:

Max. torque: 32Nm
Max. slew rate: 9.5Nm/ms

You start driving, you go straight, the torque is steady. Now you turn and hit a massive kerb. The torque can change within a millisecond from 5Nm to 14.5Nm. From there it can stay, drop or increase within a millisecond to maximum of 24Nm or back to 5Nm. That doesn’t mean it will always change that much. It can change only 0.1Nm, it fully depends on what you do or happens. The maximum change per millisecond is always these 9.5Nm. If you have a high speed accident, you drive with 300 km/h frontal into a wall Fe, it would take 3 milliseconds to go from 1Nm to 29.5Nm!!! Be careful, you should hit the emergency stop button ASAP and take the hands off the wheel. See the manual for hands off detection. This is NO TOY AT ALL, it can brake your hand like nothing, and even worse.

A today’s F1 driver has power steering. The torque at the steering wheel is pretty low, maybe maximum 8 to 10Nm while driving. GT cars maybe have up to 15Nm in normal conditions. Your Ultimate is a bit of an overkill to be honest. One thing is sure though: upgrading is a word you won’t use in this life again (from DD wheel point of view).

The incoming signal exceeds in a single or multiple ways the capabilities of your Ultimate. And this regardless of the torque you have set in True Drive. The result is, it will be clipped, not delivered, removed. All details are gone, the information is 0.
And you can visually see it, the colour code of the DD at the back changes, and you can hear it, there will be a beep code coming aswell. Again: it’s really important to read and understand the manual mate.

The rig:
I have a product from a company from Denmark. The PSR1 from Pro Simrig is absolutely top. This speaks for itself:

Especially with a Simucube 2 and load cell pedals with a maximum of 200kg of pressure you will hate any kind of flex. It is not good for beeing fast and ruins totally the immersion.

I hope I didn’t forget too much. If so…I will answer after the hairdresser I’m heading to :joy::heart_hands:

Thanks mika im still messing with the settings so still learning

You’ve been a lot of help mate, thanks a bunch, I’m trying to mess around with some of the settings so I’m getting used to it now a bit. This wheel is truly just amazing, the amount of feedback it gives is insane and some terms were just confusing for me in TD so Again thanks a lot for your help.

Any time! I wish you, your family and the whole Granite community merry Xmas and a happy new year!:four_leaf_clover:

Plus TD has clipping audible notification.
Interesting take on a slew rate, sounds like overgeneralization based on specific titles with “harsh” and grainy FFB signal. But in the end it’s up to end user to decide if full slew rate is useful or not in “simracing”. Just like after mastering a hammer, not everything should be treated as a nail.
It very much reminds me age old debate on Unlimited vs 2000hz TBW, and yes, there is useful data above 2000, not just noise.

So your product line delivers at least between 3 and 6 times of the slew rate of what you consider as helpful? Besides the fact that the total torque available is overshooting modern GT and Formula cars by the factor 1.7 all the way to factor 3.

What is the underlying idea behind the decision to sell a simracing product with “not useful equipment features for simracing”?

Just for giggles tried recommended 1.50Nm/ms in ACC.
“Good” setting, IF you want to lose dynamics, have wooled subdued details, and barely perceived through the wheel kerbs.
Just to reiterate that lowering slew rate is not for every sim and not for everyone.

I will, of course, try @Mika’s recommendation aswell. I never reduced slew rate because I always thought that my Sport is on the “weaker” side anyway; she (definitely not an “it” for me) already could be too dynamic here was not of concern.
I will use it with the VRC Alpha 2023 and the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 in Assetto Corsa

Hello mate, thanks a lot you have a good one yourself. 1 last question tho, what is the right way to remove the wheel from the wheel base as its really tight in their and i dont wanna break the motor by forcing anything too much, someone said u can go in game without the pin and wiggle it round. The first time it worked fine but the second time was really harsh and got some scratches on the face plate so is there a proper way to remove it?

Also while mounting the base i got some scratches on the bast near the mounting nuts(hurts me a lot). Is that going to have any effects/ impacts?