Electric shock when switching off Simucube 2 Pro

I have been using my Simucube 2 Pro for a long time, with no issues until now. After a long session, I waited a few minutes before switching off the unit. When I did, I felt an electric shock. Wasn’t particularly strong, but definitely felt it. I then proceeded to unplug the power cords, waited a while, and out of curiosity touched the power button again - and felt the same electric shock.

What should I do about this?
(Bear in mind that I know next to nothing of electricity and stuff)

Static electricity? Can we see some pictures of your rig and room?

Yeah, I can take some pictures after work.

What kind of details should I focus on? Would your theory be that something other than the SC2 is causing the shock?

Nothing strange is seen in your pictures. There have been some cases where there was a carpet in the room, and the user generated electricity when walking on the carpet, and got shocked whenever touching any grounded points on the rig.

Can you comment on if you have the Simucube 2 and PC in grounded electrical outlets? Does the shock feel like one-time electric discharge or can you feel any continuous sensations?

As far as I can tell (not an expert), the outlets are grounded. The thing is, though, I have a UPS, and I have plugged SC2 into an extension connected to the UPS.

Both shocks felt like one-time discharges.

Easy thing to rule out would be to remove the UPS from the equation.

There was a previous case - from 2019, if I remember correctly - that caused strange interference issues (bad grounding or something) when Simucube 2 was connected via an UPS. But just one issue.

Vinyl seat cover can be electrostatic. Try to throw some blanket over to see if it goes away.

Dropped the UPS and had a session. Didn’t experience any shocks. So possibly this did the trick? But, hard to verify, since usually I had no problems while using the UPS either. Will have to give it more time and see.

Thanks for your suggestions, Mika and Andrew!