Effects Scaling

This may seem like a stupid question, but do the static effects (damper, friction, inertia) scale with with the overall force?

If so, then do the DI effects also scale with the overall force?

Currently, all effects also scale with the force, including the DirectInput effects. DirectInput specifications were really not clear about how the device should handle effects if there is an external device power settings available. DirectInput was only considering the individual gain of the effects themselves, and the FFB Device Gain, which is available in the specifications but isn’t really used in any games except Automobilista 1.

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So, ignoring DI effects and all other effects for the moment, if I have for example 10% damper, then I increase the wheelbase force by 2 (so 10nm to 20nm) and then half the overall FFB gain in game (assuming the gain is linear) then I would have effectively feel 2 times the damper effect?

It would essentially be the same as simply increasing the damper to 20% if everything else was left untouched?

I don’t think it is the same because when you change the Nm you also affect the slew rate but wait for Mika to answer.

I believe he meant by scaling in that if you increase from 10 - 20Nm and the 10% damper is say an effect of 1Nm then moving to 20Nm would still be 10% but the effect on the signal would be 2Nm rather than 1Nm. So in essence the strength of the damper increases proportionally to the increase in power.

Constantly operated effects and bumpstops based only on TD gain which is max amperage.
In game FFB gain and I assume DI effects are used as multiplier to max amperage (TD gain), i.e. final result will depend on both.