E-Stopping in Style

Haven’t seen anyone else do this. But i drilled and tapped the Simlab front mount.

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Nicely done. I have done mine a bit differently, but same effect…here you can see my custom e-stop and on the right, next to it, the Ultimate remote power button…


I see you changed the the e-stop button to a metal button. I would like to do something similar with my simucube 2 pro. I changed my e-stop to a metal button aswell but would you be able to share the wiring for the remote start button?

The wiring for the remove power on/off also needs an ic chip to work correctly. The metal button visible in the picture is the Premium Torque Off button that is avaible for all Simucube 2 units, and ships with the Ultimate model.

Is it possible to buy the ic chip? hence i presume you have added some kind of handshake ?
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Is not a programmable chip, but we do not disclose the details. The easiest solution is to get the actual premium e-stop button.

Mine is positioned by my accelerator pedal. I thought I would never use it, then tonight I had my first ever SC2 wheelbase runaway… After the wheelbase stopped controlling the game (ACC) and went slack, it then started to rotate at about 1 rev per sec under no control. Glad I had the stop in an easy position to hit!