E-stop SC2 (almost) broken

hi all, the E-stop of my SC2 Sport is almost broken, the push button has come out of place and is held to the yellow box just with the cables, whenever I operate it I need to be extra careful because each timeI am afraid I may completely tear off the cables.
is it possible to buy the standard E-stop as a stand alone product? should I contact my reseller asking for that? don’t really want to buy the premium one, still quite pricey to me.

if you still have warranty why don’t you talk to your reseller ?


ok so I can get it from the reseller, as I asked in the post. thanks.

In 2020 it seems common practice is to make a forum post about an issue before giving the retailer/manufacturer a chance to put things right.

great, thank you very much for your help.

Mine is damaged too even if I’ve not really put it to the test since I used to start/stop the SC2 using the back button on the motor… I eventually bought the premium one which interested me and I’ll keep the old plastic one as a spare but there may be some kind of issue here?

We have seen less than a handful of failed e-stop buttons, so we are not seeing any trend here or worry here.

Like I said, I wanted to buy the fancy premium e-stop nonetheless, so not a problem here ^^

I’ll try to fix it and send you the photographs if need be.

Maybe it’s not even broken, who knows?

You can get shiny metal e-stop from amazon and just use cable from original one. Will cost you $15-20 top instead of overpriced premium one.

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lately I am having a lot of error 140407 when I restart the motor from stop, also multiple disconnections while driving, with the wheel not responding followed by the 3 beeps you get at the first TD start. I suspect the problem is due to the e-stop, I would like to change it but I am not too keen to get the premium button so I ask : is there a way to purchase the standard e-stop that comes stock with the motor, with its cable and all?

I just wired off the shelf metal cased stop button when I got my unit as didn’t like plastic one included. But if your cable is pinched or connector is broken that wouldn’t help, you need a new one.

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