E-Stop Problem | Code: 140407

Recently I’ve been having issues with lost feedback for a few seconds occurring every 10-15 seconds. I opened the SC Config Tool and saw the Motor Faults: Power Stage Forced Off! 140407 warning appearing every now and then. I understand that the issue is with the E-Stop button. I’ve checked all the E-Stop related terminals, cables and connections and they seem fine.

I suspect the problem is the physical button first but wanted to know if anyone has any other theories before I just order a new E-Stop button.

I have a Big Mige with IONI Pro HC

Edit for more information: It happens randomly whilst driving when the E-Stop is physically disengaged and an E-Stop cycle doesn’t always clear it. It toggles on when I don’t physically touch it.

In Simucube 1, you can temporarily remove the e-stop by unscrewing it from the motor power cable, and replace it with a wire instead. This will rule out the e-stop and its cable from being the cause.

Just remember to use the product in a sensible way as you will not have a working safety device when you do this test.

Hey Mika thanks for the reply. Do you mean unscrew the cables from the ESTOP terminals on the board like in the picture or something else? Sorry if I’m being silly haha

Yes, that is exactly what I meant.