E-Stop Pressed Issue on Simucube 2 pro

Just got a simucube 2 pro from a friend and picked up a cube control gt pro to go with it. The wheel lights up when connected (small blue light top left corner), but nothing on my computer will recognize the wheel. I am not sure if this is a wheelbase or wheel issue. True Drive shows e-stop pressed, and from my bit of research I saw that can be an issue as well. I have tried resetting everything multiple times. Anyone know how to resolve this?

Do you have the e-stop connected to the base and released? It is required not optional.

Are you talking about the steering wheel itself? I don’t have any wireless wheels, but AFAIK they connect directly to the Simucube 2 (you can see the connected wheel in the picture you posted). The buttons and shifters can be addressed directly in TD. Again, I don’t have any wireless wheels, but this could the solution.

And you have to release the e stop, then activate high torque too.

yep, device state is in “waiting” and if you click that, will show longer message in a popup that says that waiting for device to be started. The wheel base does not start if the e-stop button is not connected and released.

Is the e-stop button connected and is it mechanically working as it should? Twist and it it will pop up and press and it will latch to pressed state?

Thanks for the response. Turns out I needed to twist the button and all was fixed. Now another issue has arisen - no games are actually recognizing my wheel when connected via usb. The blue light shows on it but the buttons do not register. To my knowledge I have the qr adapter set up correctly. Any tips for this?


Which wheel is it?

Maybe the wheel supports USB only for charging but not for communication with the PC?

Do you have the wireless version or the USB version of the GT Pro? If it’s the wireless one - and assuming it’s not a V2 - you’d have to connect it to your wheel base first.