E Stop issue need help please

My e stop says it’s pressed but it’s not leaving me with no ffb has anyone else encountered this issue ? Please help !

Hi Randy

You shouldn’t have any ffb is the E-Stop is pressed.

If you twist the button so that it springs outward, that message should change to “E-stop is released” and your ffb will return.

That’s the problem the button is out it’s not pressed

Make sure the connector that plugs into the rear of the wheelbase in firmly seated. If that looks good, take the front cover off of the emergency stop and check that the internal wires are connected.

Ok I’ve already checked the the connection but I will open up the e stop next

Very simple test - after popping the lid off the e-stop, simply short those 2wires in the switch together (assuming here you have the basic version and not the premium), shorting those 2x wires on the e-stop will complete the circuit and remove the interlock.

So a good way to test the operation of your base and prove the e-stop faulty :wink:

Safety warning: do no drive with it that way, as it will remove your ability to use the e-stop in case of emergency.

I tried Phillip no dice nothing happened