E Stop Error - Encoder with Simucube set up





opened the back of one of the sims I am trying to get working again.

I removed the back cover and googled the code as Can be seen from the photos.

I googled it and think it’s the 10k one?

I then opened the package and opened the old unit and fitted the IONI Board too as seen from picture.

When connecting I have the fault code 0, with e stop.

I believe we had the issue before, now that you have reviewed the units and I have also open the motor to find the encoder type, I have taken some pictures of the fault codes and videos of the flashes,

Would you be able to advice what I can do later today on site to get this error fixed and have the sim working again,

Photo / Media attachment

Looks like you need to click “software enable” on the first tab to get the drive to initialize.

Simucube firmware does it automatically if you have the latest version. If “require software enable” is checked in the servo drive settings (Granity) and you run an old Simucube firmware, then it won’t work.