Dual loop in 2021

hello :slight_smile:
just got my new Cnc mill and wanted to use the maximum accurency on it. It’s a retrofit from an aciera F35 with old servomotor and back motor encoder

My hardware configuration:
-Argon 4k000 with SinCos firmware
-servomotor type BLDC 12A / 8n.m
-Motor encoder (heidenhain 2500 TTL) and TTL 1um scale
BoB i have two, cslab CSMIO-S (step dir, no 0-10v) and the current BoB is a Edingcnc CPU5B

I have saw the Faq where it’s told there only one feedback closed loop on the argon, , and i need to use the BoB for feedback in position (and argon for feedback in angle), but that was before the firmware was launch

and so, can i use now this setup ? using TTL for dual loop or it’s always wrong ?, the SinCos supported loop can ben reach another way .?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: