Dual clutch issues

I’m trying to configure the dual clutch with bite point on my brand new ascher artura pro wheel but I’m struggling to sort it out.
After 3 attempts I had it working with left paddle as master and right as slave. It worked in TF2, but after I wanted to switch paddles to have slave in the left. Then I lost paddles axis in true drive, they didn’t get recognized anymore. I had to turn off and on sc2 pro base and wheel several times in order to have back paddles working in the analog inputs tab. But then even performing same process I didn’t had anymore the paddles as combined axis (master at 100% and slave at 50%), having both paddles with 100% and the SIM recognizing only one at the time as axis. After some further attempt paddles disappeared again in true drive and I had to turn off and on fire half an hour to have them back again working. I’m I doing something wrong? I set them as clutch m and clutch s in the wireless wheel tab, then both as wheel clutch in the corresponding axis in the Simucube 2 tab

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I am also having issues with the new ascher artura pro wheel. Dual clutch works but after every PC reboot it forgets the settings and I have to reporgram them all over again.

Hi, i’ve solved my issue, it was my bad. By the way remains the annoying bug of ther eset button. If i press it in the analog settings tab the clutch paddles doesn’t get recognized anymore and this last for one hour about. Then they come back to life without a specific action from me.