Drive not recognizing left stop

Hi all!

I attempted some tweeks to MMOS and Granity this weekend and now have an odd, unintended consequence. I’ve reset everything, reinstalled MMOS to the drive and reset all the settings in Granity to their previous settings. The wheel phases perfectly. When I turn the wheel to the right(clockwise), it stops at the limit. When I turn it to the left (anticlockwise) it hits the stop and then begins to spin continuously anticlockwise.

Here are the MMOS settings:!Al5vaw_b456Nvk2ajcGg_p4XQiQv

Here are the Granity settings:!Al5vaw_b456Nvk70TohbWtZSILQs!Al5vaw_b456Nvk8cP-8H-whcLHIj!Al5vaw_b456Nvklb5bMAeIh5wS7u!Al5vaw_b456Nvkpr5TexpLOPNY49!Al5vaw_b456NvkzBOLnh4b3LbbJX!Al5vaw_b456NvkuQdKpzUMJSVUgr

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Answered in iRacing, Paul.