Drc File needed when use Simcube?

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I Have the small Mice with simcube rev2 and ion HC Pro with Meanwell 480/720 W power supply.

Question = When using Simcube you can adjust TBL is that the same as TBW? because many people on the forum talking about 680 TBW. I can adjust 30000 or unlimited TBL in Simcube without grinding sound, Or must I Ioad Granity software to load TWB in the DRC file?

All the adjustments visible in the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool in the Filters on IONI Drive -section are exactly the same filters. You don’t need any DRC files if your IONI drive is otherwise working.

The Torque Bandwidth Limit is the same as the same named parameter in Granity User Interface. Its three-letter shorthand name is TBW in Granity.