Drc change in granity?

Is it necessary to change my Drc file in granity?
I have biss encoder Drc file from augury simulations on my. Didn’t find other Drc files.
I seen the post in iracing about the drc and tweaking in granity.

Small mige 20nm Simucube. Biss encoder.

If your system is working fine, there is no need to use any DRC files for anything. DRC files are used to set up the main parameters to the servo drive.

If you bought yours with biss encoder preinstalled then you don’t have to change anything. Maybe the post was for someone who had sincos or quadruple encoder and then changed to biss. As Mika said , if your wheel is working fine then you don’t need to alter anything.

No I bought it with 5k encoder then changed and installed the biss drc file. Yes my works perfectly fine tho

No need to change anything via Granity in your case then :wink:

Thanks for all the help… now start tweaking after a good ffb in iracing

can you post a photo from simucube tool , from the hardware setup tab ?

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Does it look good @Loukas_Bourdas?

Ofc that’s why i liked your post! :smiley:

Sorry did see your like😂