Download firmware give me ascii letters

Hello, I wanted to download the newest software for the simcube from Wiki
But I get only hundreds of ascii letters
With a chrome browser I get a GDF file.
How do I get normal software/firmware?

Our www server somehow seems to serve binary for the gdf files that contain IONI firmware. But only when using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Those are not required, as SimuCUBE firmware will automatically update to a working, good IONI firmware.

my configuration tool is old and has not al of the sliders.
de update function seems to work but I cannot see difference in software
i have simcube firmware 0.8.12 and configuration tool 08.11
and drive version 10601

I want to have the new configuration tool but I can’t download it

Download it using the link above.

If you just press update in your current configuration tool, then it is an offline update that will just reflash your current firmware.

Refer to the user guide as well: