Downgrading into too old TD version

Good afternoon team!
Couple of days ago I received a brand new sc2 pro. I used to have the same base couple of years ago and I was always using 2020.10 only. Now I tried to downgrade from the latest one to 2020.10 but once the process had finished, I got a”servo firmware error” on top of the TD. So I installed again the latest one successfully but I am wondering if it is possible to have my old trusty beloved 2020.10 version installed successfully :slightly_smiling_face:.
Thank you so much in advance!

Unfortunately units produced after a certain date can’t run firmwares lower than 2021.9

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate your response!!!

Have a really nice day!


I just upgraded feom 2012 to 2025 if correct remeber, absolutely free problems, ffb is fantastic! Yes if simucube want to be 100 professionals they should mention some small noises can be feom base depending on settings, but speaking frankly it is just like distraction for the first time as you think something is wrong with base, but when uou drive it feels absolutely wonderfull, i would not go to any base even VRS! I like sc2pro so much TD paddock just choose most popular ffb of your game choise and tweak recon filter or some static force adjustment and it feels great, i do not know how somebody was saying to me that going feom fanatec v2.5 sc2pro can be just a lit bit step, it is massive step, radical on iR i could not handle on v2.5 but on sc2pro! Bro Mika i think here is the boss, he knows his job, so Mika, be 99%professional about this sometimes coil whine like noise, nobody normally cares about it apart like new users the same like i was :smiley: