Down ground Firmware


Iv had to swap 2 sim cubes to do some testing and accidentally updated one,

Now when I connect the original simcube it shows firmware too new,

Iv installed the newest simcube 1 already, but the flash seems to new,

Would I be able to downgrade the flash

What is best method to fix this issue.

Thank you

Which version does say that the firmware is too new?

Iv attached screen shots

Below post reply to preview post @Mika

Yes, you have updated the firmware but you are launching the old software. That will cause the error.


Yes for some reason desktop icon was reverted to old and re downloaded and update fixed

But now we have this issue Simucube will show disconnected

Viewing the USB on device manager it shows error 43

I have changed cables and restarted and same problem,

I have also connect the board to another PC with the fault appearing on there also,

Currently showing these error messages

Please give suggestions on how to fix

Thank you

It could be some type of a firmware issue. Power off, move the dip switches on Simucube, and power back up. You should see STM32 Bootloader. If you see it, then it is likely a firmware issue and you’ll need to reinstall firmware completely. If you don’t see STM32 Bootloader, then it is likely a hardware issue with the processor on the Simucube.

I also see that you have AsMedia USB controller. If you go to device manager, View menu, and select “Display devices by connection”, then you can get a hierarchial view of the system and you can check that the Simucube is not connected to the AsMedia controller.

Thanks @Mika could you describe where the dip switches are located, I will also check the AsMedia Setting,

Would we be able to send out x3 of our units for you to inspect / service.


I saw your support ticket about the 3 units, lets handle it there, our support manager will do take this from here.

@Mika Thank You, Iv responded just waiting for update