Doubts about some functions

Hi everyone, I would like to know what the function of each effect that is marked in the image, would be indexed to use
Torque bandwidth

Peakink and notch filter

Center frequency Hz

Attenuation dB

Q Factor

My kit is a simucube + ioni pro hc and a great mige 130st m15015
usando a 20A

These are explained in the User Guide:

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Thank you very much for your attention.

20A for big mige will not help . Try playing at about 9.50A

Why can’t he run 20A with the big Mige?

Ofc he can but in assetto corsa it is not good at all. 9.5A in simcube with 50gain in assetto corsa and there are alot of cars that you still need to lower the ffb individually with + - from keyaboard