Dog chewed through 'stop button' cable

Hi all,

My darling dog (who is now banished from my office) has chewed through the stop button cable for my Simucube 1.

Does anyone know what the cable is and where to get one from?

For reference, it’s this cable - and ONLY the stop button cable!

E-stop is wired using a dimple 2-core cable. You can replace that yourself with a suitable cable from an electrical store.

Open the switch, wire it in there, do the same with the Simucube-connector end. Will be as good as new.


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Hey Beano,

Thanks for your quick response on the matter! Charlie will live for another day.

Also thanks for all the advice you have given myself and others through the years! It’s made Simucube ownership a dream!

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Cheers Mate, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Happy for Charlie, haha!