Does SC2 compatible with KartKraft?

I don’t see any body talking about KartKraft with SC2 on the internet, I know it not so good with SC1, but then how about SC2 ?

Simucube 2 is mostly the same from the firmware side. To my knowledge, KartKraft still haven’t fixed their issue with FFB processing.

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game works fine even at full ffb rate.

I don’t have guts to try it with SC1 even SC2. As you know what does it look like ? Weird ffb ? Or something else that totally cannot be playable ?

It uses single threaded FFB processing which does not work very well with devices such as Simucube, that use device managed effects with the basic Microsoft device driver. This would appear as low FPS in the game, nothing else.

There is a FFB skip steps option in the game that you can use to reduce the FFB rate that the game sends to alleviate this issue.

It’s totaly playable and you are missing out when you like karting.
Imho the best kart simulator out there.
And it will become big for sure.
Great team of developers who are very open to the community and very driven to make it perfect.
Wish every developer would have that passion and devotion to deliver the best possible.

Have you tried Kartsim (which is inside rF2)?

Hi leandros,
Yes, right after release.
It’s good indeed.
But KK really is a dedicated karting simulator, after driving it a couple of laps it was clear.
Same feeling I had first trying GPL in the late 90’s.
I’m very impressed with the way they have build their physics and FFB output.
Just a small portion of what is possible with it is implemented, and it already blows others out of the water imho.
It also shows when you use the telemetry output, in my case a chassis bassshaker config.
Every bump of the (laserscan) track is there, on the wheel and all around.
Chassis flex, etc.etc.
To be honest I’d even buy another wheel if the issue might get worse, but let’s stay positive :blush:

I want to get the facts straight if you don’t mind.
Now I know there is a difference between single and multi threaded FFB…
What do other simulators use?

Any good news about SC2 & kartkraft???

Just testing past weekend and can’t get rid of the “noisy” signal. Recon Filter at 10 and ingame signal filtering at 99% is the way to kill the noise but then oscillations wins the match

I’m struggling to find good feeling settings as well. Recon at 8 for me. Everything just feels so noisy and grainy. Its been a while since I opened KK, but if I remember correctly, it felt as though the kart was dragging itself through sand.

Too bad… In my case, with the grainy feeling I can achieve a very good FFb and sensations but there is too much noise that I can hear it and I fear for SC2 integrity

Any change yet? Hard to believe that KK developers would not rectify a issue with the premier DD?

If not maybe some of you more experienced guys, (I’m new unfortunately) could get together and work up a temporary Kart kraft profile, like I see posted for other sims, that would at least make things usable if not Ideal until things change?

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Not easy… Signal is very noisy and killing that noise also does the same with reactions and speed
In a kart you dont want low response forces

Well shoot. This has become a very popular title. Do we harass the Developers into making changes? Is it being worked on, or have all parties given up?

Edit - I guess KK is working on it. Found this on their Discord

ach Griffin [AUS]07/04/2019

I’m going to multi-thread the FFB again, but with a fix to prevent the latency that was in earlier builds.

This will remove the requirement for skip steps

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