Does Granite Devices offer a repair service for simucube 2 which is out of warranty?

I know that Sport and Pro have a 24-month limited warranty (Ultimate also has 60-months of it).

Will simucube 2 be a trash if it stops working after the limited warranty ends?

I would like to repair and have a long relationship with it as long as the repair costs are much cheaper than buying a new one.

Does Granite Devices offer a repair service for simucube 2 which is out of warranty?


Why doesn’t anyone answer my question?
How long should I wait?
Considering the number of LIKE, I think quite a few people want to know.

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We need to first define what fault repairs can be made in economically sensible fashion by our resellers/distributors, and what we need to fix ourselves. But in general, no Simucube 2 user will be left totally without support options when warranty ends.


Thanks for reply, Mika.
I am a little relieved to hear that we will be supported in some way.
But the details of the support options have not been decided yet?
In addition, is the reseller/distributor, not Granite Devices, responsible for repairs?
It may be an excessive question, but do resellers/distributors make contracts with sellers even though the details of after-sales service have not been decided?
It depends on the sales form, scale and culture, but I’m a little worried.
I hope you will succeed because you are making good products.
Because simucube1 was a component of DIY wheel base, the responsibility might have been a bit vague.
However, simube 2 is a complete wheel base, so I think consumers like me want more stronger after-sales service.

I would say wait 5 years and ask again

This is a composure for the owner of ultimate. I envy you.

I think you’re over thinking it a little. They’ve already said they’ll support the product past the warranty, what more assurance could you need?