Do Simucube 2's no longer come with wheel side QR?

A local simucube dealer just told me the SC2 Pro’s no longer come with the wheel side Quick release.

Is this correct?

This is correct - or will be correct, the wheel side QR parts will be dropped from the shipped boxes. This is due to our Simucube Wireless Wheel partners putting the wheel side parts already to their wheels, so the parts would be redundant. Wheel-side kit will remain readily available from the Simucube dealers.

Also, this change makes it possible for us to not raise the price (for now) as the component prices have increased a lot during the last few months especially (google for global component shortage).

Thanks Mika, Have you already shipped boxes without the QR?

IE If I ordered one today, would I expect it to have a QR?

This is a detail that I do not know. A cut-off date has been communicated to resellers/OEM partners, they will know that.

Can you share the cutoff date with me? (In a PM is fine)


I do not have that information personally.