Do I need an E-Stop to get Simucube 1 working?

Does the Simucube 1 work without an E-Stop? I don’t see it on the hardware required list

Yes I would say so. You just need to connect the two terminals together. There will be no emergency button though if things go tits up. How are you going to stop it in this case?

Yes you must have an e-stop or place a jumper wires between those 2 terminals.
If not the Ioni drive will not initialize and you we’ll get errors in Granity.

Agreed with 16sth Tim that an e-stop should be used for safety reasons.
A motor spinning at full speed is very dangerous. Especially if it is swinging a USB cable!!

Yes, e-stop is required.

(remind to myself: Need to DIY a e-stop button for my Simucube 1 at home. Now it is in a box including motor, with just a jumper wire…)


Is Mika running without an e-stop?:wink:

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