Dirt Rally + Oculus Rift issues and I need little help with forcefeedback settings

I have a problem with DIRT Rally+VR Oculus Riff+ SimuCUBE

I have frame rate issues when SimuCube is on frame rate drops until 25 FPS, but when I turn it off it’s fine again,
I have GTX 1080 ti 32GB ddr4 i9 there is no computer issues or something else and also I tried with the games the crew and it’s has the same problem when I turn wheel off frame rate stabilisers and everything is fine maybe there is something I have to change please help me!!!

I have the same problem, but my frame rate drops to 3 fps. I have a much slower GPU than you.

it does all kind of the things I just put 25 if the FPS so the people understands that it’s not playable and in the corners when feedback kicks in it’s getting worse do you have the same???

and also it would be really nice if Simu cube start working properly in arcades like the CREW it’s not necessary but it was really really really nice because that game takes every input you give they Heusinkveld pedals no problem, wheel works only fps isus sometimes it’s fun to play just something little bit diferent then hard core SIM

This is the first I hear about issues with CREW. Tell me more about the issue?

Actually, I can play Fortnite or whatever and it suddenly drops to 2-3 fps. It fixes itself if I disconnect the SimuCUBE.

Fun thing is… it never happens in a racing game.

about 2 weeks ago I decided why not to try the crew play with direct drive wheel and I was able to map everything except when you start driving FPS locks to 15, and of course it’s unplayable but I was happy to be able to make direct drive wheel to see the game or vice versa doesn’t matter

i play games, like iRacing VR sory a supersim, i dont play but evrithing works in Assetto Corsa VR , Euro Truck Simulator 2 VR and Amercan truck VR works no problem, Project CARS 2 VR works just fine, Wreckfest works no problem these are games which are play on direct drive no problem at all, I didn’t try some of other Sims because I’m simply didn’t played them, I would like to try to put more arcades like Forza Horizon 3 Forza Motorsport but I not doing it because I’m like 100% sure if it’s not going to work but maybe if somebody tried and tell me the dates work then I will download and try but I don’t believe

Would you be able to launch the game, connect and disconnect the wheel and show upload your CPU stats? (screenshots) Would be interested to know if this is coming from video card GPU and/or CPU or both. Your hardware is top notch so definitely not the case. Seems like an optimization/programming issue.

It’s been a while since i last played DIRT, but I remember no such issues using the SimuCUBE and a Rift. Will check when I last played when I get home, and then provide the FW cersion i ran at the time.

  • Thomas Marcussen

I don’t know what actually happened after last night Windows update and graphics update I made video maybe you can explain me there is a link. https://youtu.be/Y7Kk2vSzzeo

I was trying dirt rally last night and it didn’t work David fine I put everything you need to see during the gameplay Task Manager in every other stuff maybe you can explain I don’t understand

Which version of windows are you using?

For me the version with ‚gaming optimization‘ (last spring) broke Dirt Rally on my GTX1070, frame drops to app. 15fps every 1/2-1min, even with 1280x1024 with lowest details!). After checking the internet I think it is a combination of everything, DR (other racing games work fine), Windows 10 and maybe the NVIDIA driver - as a WIn10 downgrade was no option I installed Win7 with an existing license in parallel and since then I can play without framedrops in 3440x1440 at high details for mostly all settings!
From time to time I try Win10, but still it doesn‘t work as Win7 on the same hardware.

OK Thanks,

that’s how my Force Feedback settings looks like there is any possibility to make it full range???

Are you using your OSW for Dirt Rally? Your current preset suggests it is a Fanatec Wheel Base.

Your Vibrations & Feedback page should show many more options than the 3 shown on the above screen shot. Have you properly configured the wheel for the OSW? You need to follow these instructions:

Override device type to wheel
Load Dirt Rally, and navigate to the Controller screen. Click on “Choose Preset”. Press F1 while you are highlighting your DirectInput device to override the controller type to wheel. If multiple DirectInput devices are shown on this screen, you might need to override all of them. This should make advanced wheel setup available on the controller screen. You also might need to assign the steering axis, after loading the preset, in order for the advanced wheel options to become available

You should then see the full range of Vibration & Feedback adjustments.

thank you very much I figured out everything it’s works fine now I appreciate all your help!!!