Dirt Rally 2.0 and Simucube 2

It has decent steering rack forces, some road effects (loose surfaces only, sorry), the rest comes nicely through tactile, you don’t need full motion for that.
Tarmac is lost cause though, may be the next iteration will fix it. :man_shrugging:
More junk to the steering wheel does not translate to better feedback fidelity.

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Rally adventure guys !

“One man’s junk is another man’s gold!”

In my case, I prefer my ffb to be full-featured but, part of that is to have the ffb sync with my tactile and motion setup. Sterile smooth ffb creates a disconnect as my wheel is not directly attached to my sim-chassis. In such cases, things just feel off like something is missing or broken.

When various channels of feedback are in sync, the experience feels more real, more immersive, more convincing, more satisfying. Even when I compare sim ffb to my daily driver, I can feel road texture constantly, road bumps, etc, through the wheel. While it’s true that many / most of those details are transmitted through the vehicle chassis to the steering wheel in RL, my sim setup requires more details in ffb to achieve similar results.

I will say that the motion effects in DR2 work well though. It’s just too bad that the ffb can’t come close.

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Clay would you be willing to share your settings for the WRC 9 title? I know you said you play on lower FFB than most so I can adjust settings as I need but do you still happen to have your simucube 2 pro profile and the in game settings?

Thank you for taking the time to post these!

@CLAYREGAZZONI Sorry can you repost the TD settings as they are blurry and I can`t read them.Also how did you managed SC2 to work with wrc9?

I hope this picture is better. About setting up a Simucube 2 in WRC titles (8 to 10) in the game menu:
I have the Simucube 2, a wheel with button plate, BJ pedals, handbrake and sequential shifter.

In fe WRC9. in my game menu I see a default preset for a Simucube 2, a keyboard and a controller. I do a new preset with the Simucube 2. That one is labelled with a star. I set up everything in there. Shifters, pedals…just everything, the strenght and vibration settings included.I do a new preset for the controller. That one comes with a star aswell then. I then delete one setting in this new controller preset, normally I delete the setting for the handbrake button. After that I go to the new Simucube 2 profile, hit “choose this one”, and it should jumb to the new preset of the controller. If not, go there again manually, and delete it. After this, there should be everything gone except keyboard and the 2 Simucube 2 preset. Choose this one. Done

Hope this is of any help.

Sorry mate but still it’s not sharp enough to read the values the picture is very small and when zoomed it’s blurry it have tried in my mobile and PC. Sorry for being pita.

Overall Force 35%
Steering range and bumpstop 540
Recon 1
Bandwith unlimited
Static force reduction 50to 60, depending on the car
everything else at default

Direct input filters
damping and friction at 0
rest default

My rally wheel is heavy and I think 350mm. Because I have 4 motors for information on traction loss, locking up Aso, and a bass shaker right underknief I don’t rely on the Simucube 2 only. In fact I can’t imagine no more to have the only information from the DD.

In game settings you have? If not, let me know. The next time I open WRC9 I copy them.

Thank you The game setting I was able to read if you not change anything. Thanks again for posting this. Much appreciated!

no problem! And no, I didn’t.

Did anybody manage to configure soft lock properly for Dirt Rally 2.0?
I.e. set the steering range in TrueDrive to e.g. 1080°, calibrate the wheel in game and then enjoy a 540° modern rally car or a 780° car etc?
For me the in game steering wheel rotation and the physical wheel rotation is always a bit off :confused: