Dirt Rally 2.0 and Simucube 2


I uninstalled the game. Removed all leftover directories I could find. Redownloaded.On first start remember to have all controllers unplugged. I also made sure steam was not using any controller stuff. Then it started successfully, and next start also with controllers connected worked fine.


thank you mika I will try again a big thank you


does anyone have good attitude for the SC2 pro?


Thats my Settings. i Drive with one Hand on Wheel and one Hand on Schifter
Not perfekt but is a Beginning
<device id="{0D6016D0-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name=“simucube2pro” priority=“100” type=“wheel” official=“false” />
Fun comes with Motion SFX100


I’m driving some DirtRally2 at the moment and every now and then when I’m making a quick change of direction in a tight 1 gear crux, the engine squeaks or beeps? for a short time. What could this be due to my settings?


Maybe it is the hands off detection triggering. You can turn it off in the True Drive software.


Thats the Clipping sound checkbox on TrueDrive - Hardware

Richard Burns Rally do the same thing because sometimes send a 100% signal to Simucube and make beeps


set hands off detection to medium… i´ve had same problem