Dirt 2 VR support released today

Dirt 2 VR support released today.


Early results according to different sources - headsets work but there are sometimes HMD not found -dialogs and other issues. Or have I gotten wrong impression?


No it´s horrible. I really strugle with fps… I´ve use low setting, it looks worse than richard burns rally and it works badly

Do you run native Oculus version or SteamVR? Read there is a difference in performance there. ALSO Oculus Store versions can not play online with Steam version owners. How dumb!

No, i´ve played it before on monitor i have it on steam. I will not buy second copy because codemasters are idiots :smiley: i dont know why they dont add oculus api to steam version… because it´s possible

Dont know if this really works…

From another post…
Pro tip: the OpenVR implementation is trash, apparently. You can force native oculus mode by setting the Steam launch option “-vrmode Oculus”. My specs are identical to yours and it definitely gave me more stability. Turning off crowds really helps, too.

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Why is this topic in the SC2 section of the forum??

it´s work for you? My is still open in steamvr