DirectInput Effect Settings

With v0.9.0 Mika has given us lots of new effects sliders to play with. :grinning: So when do we use them and how?

The following games report the following Constant Effects:

Assetto Corsa: Damping
DiRT Rally: Friction
Project Cars 2: PeriodicSineOffset
iRacing: None

Please add other sims and their effects to build up a comprehensive list.

Is Periodic Sine Offset the same as Sine wave effects or something different?


PeriodicSineOffset is not an effect as such. It is a force level, similar as constant force, but created via sine wave and the wave magnitude is set to constant 0, and the offset tells the strength.

Sine wave effect slider does not have an effect for the offset value.


rf2 reports periodic sign offset dampening spring very nice feature
thanks Mika :slight_smile:


How do we find out what games report the constant effects?

Also, if a game does report an effect, does that mean the slider should not be set at 0%.

Or do the percentage values on the sliders act more like gains, where 0% would mean the output from the game is not being altered in any way, but is still being used to calculate the resulting output to the wheel?

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100% = not altered, 0% = effect is scaled so that output is 0.

Advanced -tab shows what effects are used while in game. I will add also some indicators right on to the Profile tab next to the effects.

rFactor2 uses Damper and Spring, combined with the main signal.

If you edit .json files to add canned effects like engine or brakes vibration It uses sine wave effects too.

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will we get an extra if we use the direcinputs here? or that’s only an other way how the game communicates with simucube but at the end it produces the same feeling?

I’ve yet to test them in rF2 but, those are likely “canned” effects, not derived from physics.

From what I tested, rFactor 2 seemed to actively use only the Sine wave effect where the wave magnitude is 0, and the offset tells the strength. The slider in the Configuration Tool has no effect on this, as this type of effect is pretty self-explanatory and should be controlled via the overall strength slider or from the game.

In your SimuCUBE configuration tool interface those Damping and Spring effects are active.

Im not using any canned effect on my .json file.

Version 0.94 with ioni 1.7 here.

“Steering resistance type”:0,
“Steering resistance type#”:“0=use damping, 1=use friction”,
“Steering spring coefficient”:0.4,
“Steering spring coefficient#”:“Static spring effect rate (-1.0 to 1.0)”,
“Steering spring saturation”:0.005,
“Steering spring saturation#”:“Static spring effect peak force (0.0 to 1.0)”,

spring and damper comes from there , not canned effects

so yes directinput effects are not the evil… just a feature of the game,

thanks Mika for get them working!