Direct Input effects and Simucube2

I would like to have an explanation about the implementation of di effects in TrueDrive.
For all sims, di do not work as intended; all di affects the ffb wether or not the effects are active, inactive or created but inactive (full black balloon, no balloon or present but empty balloon).
I don’t remember this happening in old Simucube1 fw, so I guess it is a TD problem, not a game side problem as hinted on this forum some time ago.
In particular, damping, friction and spring have an effect on the ffb even if are not active or created by the game, it can be felt quite clearly when playing around those filters.
In my opinion, it is quite an important issue that needs to be adressed, and the source of such level of inconsistency between sims ffb (which doesn’t seem to be a problem for the main competitor, instead it became one of their main selling points)


This is just not the case, as no effect calculations are done if the effect is not created.

Can you name an example game where this would happen? The spring effect, for example, is only calculated when an effect has been created.

spring, damper and friction have an effect on r3e, ams1 and 2, ac, acc and rf2.
in particular damper, which is mainly used when the car is stationary, keeps on having an effect also when moving in ac, acc and r3e.
I don’t know if those effects are actually active even when they are not supposed to be, what I am 100% certain of is that they affect the ffb in all those titles, which is a thing they are not supposed to be doing, and as I said I don’t remember it happening with SC1.


DirectInput Damping and Friction should be calculated by utilizing directx axis units and milliseconds. But we all know that such calculation would be very, very coarse, so Simucube implementation uses degrees per second and degrees instead, and some scaling factor to get end result in a usually correct scale. I agree that the implementation can have sometimes wrong scale.

And the effect when created, can have a magnitude. Sometimes games use 0 as magnitude to the effect when they have created it but do not intend to use it. Other games use -1, and that scaling factor can have an effect when the scale is -255 to +255.

However, spring effect is very clearly not calculated at all and not added to the torque setpoint when that effect has not been created. So any comments about that are placebo.

Somebody forked the Simucube opensource firmware repository a few years ago, and it seems that the source code for going through the effect bank for calculating effects is still like it is now, but these days many other things have chanced.


I think what @SuperMonaco_GP was saying is that once activated the effect does not fully clear from device memory and may affect feedback even when is not fed by in game signal anymore.
I’ve seen this with AC for sure, reason all DI Damper, Friction, Spring effects are at zero in all my profiles, I just can’t trust them.

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That also happens for sure

I fail to see how such simple code would do that. If effect is not shown as created in True Drive, the firmware does not do any effect calculation for that type of effect.

Any chance to have the ability to enable debug/trace logging with all effects being processed/generated with output to file, not that limited status window in TD?
Also some sort of telemetry tool showing actual FFB signal and effects can go a long way.

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No possibility to save such files on the device.