Dimensions of SimuCUBE mounting points

Are the dimensions of the Simucube PCB available anywhere?

Specifically the mounting hole locations in the PCBA and the back panel dimensions.

The only thing shown on the Wiki is the overall PCBA dimensions and the ‘X’ dimensions of the back panel:




In that link, on the right of the image, is another that reads “Big (480/720 W PSU) acrylic case 2d files, PDF and DXF.” I’m sure everything would be in there. It’s basically plans to make your own case.

They are there for the mounting holes 150 x 50 mm 32.5mm back from the front edge of the board (this one took a little math) as for the front panel that can be acquired from either of the Case DXF File sets as @16sth mentioned or you can of course measure out and up from the circuit board dimentions that show the counterpoint location of each connector on the front side of the board.


3D IGS file has been added to our wiki, to the technical specifications page.

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