Did I just break my brand new SimuCube/Computer?

I just plugged in my SimuCube 2 Pro for the first time. I had USB hooked up to my desktop and then plugged the power supply into the wall before connecting the power cable to the wheel base. Upon connecting the power cable it sparked. I then tried to turn on my desktop but it’s unresponsive despite having power.

Did I just short out and ruin my PC/SimuCube? :sweat::flushed:

Check your db board and see if maybe you’ve tripped a circuit breaker

Thanks. It’s all working now fortunately. Pc wouldn’t turn on at any outlet in my house, took it to the store to be looked at and it turned on immediately :joy:

That was a close one, one of the very few things you never should do. Always connect everything at the base first, and then to the power socket. But I’m happy you can enjoy it further!:four_leaf_clover:

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Feeling quite fortunate to have dodged a bullet and this is now permanently engrained in my mind.

Anyway, loving this base. Time to hit the gym to handle all 25Nm :sweat_smile:.