Diagnosis help pls - smelled electrical burning


I’ve had mine since 2018 and have managed EMI issues, which have gotten terrible lately despite aggressive grounding and cable management.

Yesterday I smelled electrical burning and shut down my rig and powered down the base (I always leave it on). The smell went away. Upon restart, the wheel feels super grindy and strange when not logged into the sim. It also will move randomly and violently. In sim, it kinda works but loses center immediately.

Any idea what’s up?


It is possible that something has gone wrong with the servo drive electronics, especially if the wheel feels grainy to turn when enabled. Although, there should be fault announced in the Simucube software. Are there any faults?

No faults at all. How can I test it?

Well, as you said, the torque is not smooth. Probably has gone wrong with the servo drive electronics then. Unlikely that it is in the Simucube or the power wiring, but might be worth to check the phase wires on the motor connector. Then, I would replace the IONI card and go from there.


Think I found the issue. Do you have replacements?

Which wire is this? AC mains to Simucube, or the motor power wire?