Desktop Centering Spring doesn't work

Didn’t work for me on 0.11.2, and doesn’t work on latest version, though I remember it worked when I first got my wheel.

can you show the settings related to that?

It usd to be that when not running a game or anything, just in Windows, the wheel would centre. Was useful as it’s easy for my wheel to get turned a lot moving around rig. Absolutely not something I need, am fine without it now, but was just wondering if it doesn’t work in general or is it just me? Or am I getting something totally wrong? lol

Thanks for the report, and our apologies for not reacting to this sooner. We will test some things a bit. In the meanwhile, could you please try to set it to 0%, then save settings, and then set it back to 60%, and report back if it solves the issue?

It does actually work now yes, thank you.