Desktop Centering not working after using Assetto Corsa

I have enabled Desktop Centering spring and it works. However, I load Content Manager, launch Assetto Corsa, all fine, but when I leave it and go back to Content Manager, the self centering behaviour is gone, no matter if I leave Content Manager, enable and disable it in the Simucube app, restart the app or whatever I try. I have to disconnect the Simucube, reconnect it and launch to app to have the Desktop Centering working again. Any idea?

Did you try Reset FFB state function? Some effect like dampening might still be in memory.

Do you mean the option called “start everything from scratch” (advanced tab)?

no, the reset FFB state. If the game has left FFB effects running on exit, that button resets those.

It works, but as soon as I go back to the game and quit, the centering stop working. It is precisely when leaving the game when the steering wheel should automatically center itself so that the next time you enter a new session the wheels of the car are straight.

Did you try this or not?

I can think only of one situation your wheel isn’t centered:
Some steering wheels have the QR slightly shifted, Fe 30 degrees. This can be due to a different wheel side solution. In TD, first page (I think it’s on page 1) you just recenter the wheel.

Can it be that you think you have to kind of always calibrate the wheel? Because that’s not the case. Each of the over 4 million resolution steps per shaft rotation has its unique address. And so has, I strongly assume, the 0 point it’s address.
So the wheels of the car should be always straight anyway, unless, as already mentioned, out of whatever reason, there still are FFB information present. In this case, just reset this. Do you let the Simucube 2 always active, or do you turn it off after racing, which is what I do?

PS: I never used desktop center spring since I have my Simucube 2 in may 2021. And my car wheels are always straight and the steering always 1 to 1 to 1, means: Simucube 2 wheel, car wheels and the in game steering wheel are always perfectly synchronized .

You didn’t understand what I said or maybe I explained myself incorrectly. I have no problems at all with my wheel being centered in the game and matching the simulated steering wheel rotation. Outside of the game it’s also perfectly centered as shown in Assetto Corsa controls bars and in the Simucube app. My problem is that sometimes it happens that, after leaving the game, my steering wheel can be, for instance, rotated 180 degrees, unless you intentionally remember to leave the car with their wheels straight. So, next time I go racing I can press the throttle and instantly crash with the left or right barrier (the sad pit guy cannot be run over) simply because my steering wheel was left rotated before and not straight. That’s the kind of situation I’m trying to avoid. A good solution would be that, when leaving Assetto the desktop spring feature is automatically activated and my steering wheel gently recenters itself to 0º.

It works like that. However we can’t really fix bugs in AC if it does not empty the FFB effects on game exit.

I drive almost only in AC and some rally titles. Could this be related to a certain car, something you additionally use, like a CSP setting, stuff like Vjoy, a python app or lua?
If I get you right, everything is looking at normal settings, then you want to drive, and then the car goes Fe fully left or right?

Here we go, the solution to your problem:


Doesn’t it say on the screen “The Wheel is not Centered” in this case? Mine does.

Who says that, Assetto Corsa?

I have noticed that somehow the desktop centering is in the hardware, because it works as soon as I connect my steering wheel, no matter if the Simucube app is not loaded. I think I will do some further tests, for instance loading Assetto Corsa and nothing else, so as to discard that other software could be responsible for disabling the desktop centering.

Yes, I have message at the top of the screen and in Sidekick app if wheel is crooked. AC leaves Constant Force and Damper in memory, you can check status in TD, this prevents desktop spring from working properly. If you click Reset FFB State, technically that should fix it.