Delta Servo motor on Argon

Hey Hey

I have a question regarding a Delta servo motor with 17-bit optical encoder on an Argon Drive:

My hardware configuration:
-Drive: Argon

Old motor was a Siemens brushed servo with 2000 line haidenhein encoder (motor is dead)

Can someone help me with a wiring diagram for the new motor and encoder?
see chapter 3 on user manual of the motor (see link).

Or is there a better option for replacing the Siemens one, in the same price range?

Thanks in advance


Which protocol does that encoder use?

Is Incremental a possible answer?

It is talking about bits, so it might be some serial protocol.

From what I find in the manual I expect it to be MODBUS.

I’ve asked the supllier to be sure.

See supported encoders on Argon: