Damaged on Arrival


I recently purchased a Simucube 2 Pro and it looks like the motor was dropped in the shipping process, with the motor falling out of the OEM packaging. NOTE that DHL shipping tape was applied to re-seal the original box.

There was an impact on the front/side aspect of the device, and looking at the size of the gouges, appears to have landed on quite a hard surface (something like tarmac).

I have not powered the unit on, and am trying to figure out if the unit is serviceable. When I slowly turn the shaft by hand, the motion is not smooth and there is a catching point I have to push through that occurs in the same place once every complete rotation.

Advice would be appreciated, but I do have to say this is an inauspicious start to what is a once in a decade upgrade.


Unfortunate damage, it must have been drop in just right way to peel the whole package open without the white box any more damaged.

Please contact Murray Motorsports for replacement.

This being said, we are working on packaging update, to be introduced at some point.


Okay, thank you for the prompt response and solution

Just wanted to close the loop on this topic. Murray Motorsport arranged a replacement with no hassle or additional shipping charges. Second unit arrived in perfect condition, thank you for being so responsive.