Cutting power off to Simucube 2 power supply daily

Hi all,

Is it safe to cut power off to the Simucube 2 Pro power after daily use or is it best to let it idle / standby when not in use?

I have all my external devices automated to turn on when my PC is in gaming mode, and to turn off when not in use by controlling the power to the devices.

Looking after the longevity of the motor/electronics.

Thanks I’m advance.

(deleted - as it was not entirely correct)

Turning equipment on and off creates surge of power that can in fact shorten lifespan of components. Most devices these days just go to power sleep without consuming much energy.
If you are in audio, it takes good 30-60 minutes for amp to start sounding right after cold power up.

Some reading on the subj or thermal cycling fatigue.

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Got it. Thanks for your feedback and good reading material.