Customer Service Query


I’m from the UK and i’m really keen on buying the SC 2 Pro but before I pull the plug I just want to make sure the customer service and respect is there before I spend a lot of money.

I’m coming from Fanatec with a Clubsport v2.5 Wheelbase and I’ve found their customer service fairly poor. They never respond to emails and the only way to catch them is calling them which gets bloody costly from the UK.

So if any users have some good and bad feedback I’d very much like to hear as right now i’m waiting for stock of the SC 2 Pro and the accompanying Ascher Racing wheel commonly paired together.



P.S. Since i’m moving away from the Fanatec wheel will my CSL Elite LC pedals and Fanatec shifter still work? My pedals run via USB to the PC so I think that should be no problem but the shifter ran into the wheelbase so I don’t know whether I can plug that into the SC 2 Pro? I assume i’ll need some pricey adapter to USB…

If you have the clubsport shifter the usb adapter is priced fair enough. .

The pedals work through usb if you have the 3 pedal set.

Customer service quality will be dependent on which reseller you purchase from.

Tomo from Simracingbay is the only reseller for SC2 that I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend him!

Hey Dean,

I got a Simucube 2 in February this year. Loved it, but then developed an issue with some play in the servo shaft.
Spoke to both Granite Devices and Attila at Racewerk about an RMA and within a week it was back in Finland. I’m now just awaiting shipment confirmation of my replacement Simucube 2 Pro which hopefully will be coming soon.
All in all their customer service is very good!
You’ll be pleased to move away from Fanatec I’m sure :smiley:

These are all sounding pretty darn positive which is good news!

Hi Dean

I can vouch for Jed at Simtech Racing here in the UK.

On more than one occasion he has taken a fair chunk of his own personal time to guide and advise me over lengthy phone calls when I’ve been unsure about something.

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Agree with Paul …… Jed went the extra mile to sort my SC2 PRO ; first batch ; . Advice on phone , even a Bespoke QR so I could use product straight away . GREAT GUY

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Did you guys ever worry about the shorter warranty compared to the dd2?

I came from a DD2 to a Simucube 2 Pro… only issue I had with a DD2 was a PSU that started marking a whining noise.
Warranty period didn’t bother me :smiley:

Not at all. Coming from a OSW id trust the SC2 more then some of the others regardless of warranty.