Cube, Gaming PC, 3-4 Monitors, etc = basic surge power strips or something more?

So I am about install triple monitors and my power consumption is growing … the thought crossed my mind as I am finding another outlet and another surge-power strip (basic $20 from hardware store) … am missing something? Should I be using a specific form of surge protection or maybe even a UPS? Not for the battery but for proper shutdown if power surges and crashes? Sorry to you EE folks … probably baby food to you. Thanks!

Hopefully the Granite guys will comment on this. Not sure if things have changed.

I would buy a power strip surge protector with a high joules rating.

Some guys had problems in the early days with OSW using a UPS.
EMI and USB issues if I remember correctly.

Thanks … I figured I would at least look at my potential draw and the specs of what I am buying for surge. I am betting the Home Depot version is not adequate! Just want to know if something more is being used by others. I don’t see anything from manufacturers at all. So I am thinking to just check my own draw and check my specs and buy appropriate surge protection.

A UPS is a great idea for the PC, but you will need a 1500va unit for most gaming PC’s. (1500va works out to about 900 watts if I recall) (note this is not about how long the UPS will run, but instead it’s about the UPS being able to handle the power load during normal use, as there’s some conditioning circuitry that’s in effect at all times)

I have an APC with a small screen which lets me monitor input and output voltage, as well as wattage.

Most UPS’s also have a small surge strip (for example the APC has 4 battery protected outlets and 4 surge only protected outlets)

In my setup, I connected the PC to the battery but not the simucube Pro as I didn’t want the extra potential 450 watt load to over tax the UPS. (Simucube is connected to the surge only protection outlet on the UPS.)

Hey thanks for the input. The idea of arming the PC with a UPS had finally worked its way into my plan but as you say, it made no sense to add the load of the the Cube. Appreciate you sharing your setup with me!