Cube controls formula sport vs ascher racing f28-sc v2

I’m currently looking to get new formula/gt3 wireless style wheel, I’m torn between the ascher-racing f28 v2 and the cube controls formula sport.
Has anyone tried both?
Which is the most comfy for long sessions, what I mean by this is, which one has the getter grips?


Hi Phaster,

I bought the Ascher F28 v2 wireless Formula a few weeks ago for my SC 2 Pro and just can say that it’s amazing. High quality in all components and very comfortable for long sessions. The feeling about asphalt is like more direct and strong that other round rims, at least comparing with my other steering wheels with that configuration. This effect may be you like it or not. If you like formula gt3/f1 steering wheels styles, i think it’s a very good option. The Cube Formula (the last one) is more complete(quantity of buttons,clutch cams, a “modern” style with lights to drive in the darkness,etc) That brand makes a very high quality steering wheels too. i prefer the Ascher F28 grip for my hands but this is my style and maybe it’s not good for you. Lights for me are cool but it’s other more component that can give you problems in the future and without lights IMO is not so nice. Anyway, both options are great and i’m sure that you won’t regret.


Cube Control is also seems like standard BT pairing to PC, not SC2 specific like Ascher.
I’d buy it just for that, hate vendor lock-in, not to mention analogue clutches.

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I didn’t look to deep into the wireless thing on the cube controls, I assumed it was SC2 specific. One more reason to get the ascher, thank you both

I have two wireless steering wheels, Ascher F28 v2 for formula and gt races y SC Tahko GT21 for sportive cars in general, both work perfect. No lag and the TD software detects them in less than 2sec when you turn them on.It’s very comfortable to drive them without usb cable.
Enjoy a lot your new steering wheel and let us to know your experience.

But charging the wheel’s battery to play is not so fancy…
I hate to charge my mouse and headset, or the lack of charge when im ready to race, wireless what?

Do Cube Controls buttons can be “seen” on TrueDrive control screen?

Depends on the wheel. Their latest wheel uses “standard” bluetooth technology with all its problems, instead of Simucube Wireless Wheel system.


People having issues with wireless wheels and SC2 would disagree.
BTW, iMika, s there ETA for analogue axes support?

Very few have issues, and lately its been only with wheelbase-side firmware.

Have you heard or stumbled upon the various Bluetooth issues in Windows, device drivers and such?

Regarding Wireless Wheel 2,

There has been a delay in production due to component issues, and we expect to get a first batch out before the summer.

I already have a b16m wireless, it’s really nice to be able to take the wheel to adjust stuff on the rig without any worries about yanking usb cables.

To the owners of f28-sc v2, the wheel comes with a set of bolts that should go through the SQR wheel side and bolt to the back of the wheel, are they long enough? 12mm feels kinda small. Can they be longer? If so, how much longer should they be?
I’m asking because I’m going to attach it to the thinner side of this extension and I’m not sure about the length of the bolts. The thinner side is 5mm thick and it doesn’t have threads so that will be the side that I’ll bolt the wheel to