Cube Controls Formula Pro Wireless

Hello Everyone,

Is anyone using the Cube Formula Pro Wireless? If so how is it going, any connection/dropout issues. What about battery life?

Is anyone available from Granite able to comment on the stability of this wheel from testing?

You have to pull both gear handles backwards and then click on the line that appears below. At this point, the steering wheel is connected.

Hi mixer49,

Have you had any issues with your Cube wheel and the wireless connection? Missed gear changes?

No problem, everything works as it should.

Well, I can tell you a bit more in a few days. I bought a SC2 and CC Formula Pro wireless which are scheduled to be in my hands on Friday. Can’t wait :wink:

I did experience a couple of times I had to reboot the wheel because it wouldnt let me up or downshift. Happend 3 times I think since 4 months

Could you, or anyone else, tell me how on earth I have to mount the wheel to my SC2? For the love of life I have no idea how to mount the wheel to the SC adapter…

There are illustrated step by step instructions in the online user manual.

For the Cube Controls wheel, we do not have anything more specific.

I must admit ive been bussy for quite a while aswell to figure out but I found a way. Not sure if its the correct way since one bolt is slighty too long, by like 0.3mm

If you got question tell me

I have a Formula Pro Wireless cube control the signal on true drive is 100% the problem is that you always connect and disconnect there is a solution, I have seen the video and pressed the paddles but it does not connect permanently

The formula sport works absolutely flawlessly here, enjoy it mate it is a very nice rim :+1: the only slight “issue” I had was the time it was taking to charge (even though the battery lasts for about a month of my regular use), but now with a usb hub powered by its own source it charges in a few hours tops