CSP and CSS Adaptor to plug into SinuCUBE

Hi Ive run out of usbs and would like to free 2 up by plugging my Club sports pedals and shifter directly into the SimuCUBE . Any ideas?

From what I’ve understood, Fanatec peripherals use SPI to communicate. SimuCUBE supports SPI, in one of the internal connectors. For rims, there is an open source project available.

Someone would have to code/port that to STM HAL API…

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Yes it would be cool to connect all sim harware to simucube. I have same problem and ugly hasle whit wires everywhere.
I have fanatec wheel, ecci pedals and diy hydraulic handbrake now.
Is it plug and play or not?

physical adapter and additional code to firmware would be required for fanatec things… Analog inputs, which I think you ecci pedals and diy hydraulic handbrake are, are only 3.3V tolerant, so any 5 V devices won’t work.

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Where would i get a usb to rj45 adaptor or is the only option to make one up?
If only I could free up just one usb would be a help. But its good to know that only one of the inputs is compatible.

The RJ45 inputs are not ethernet ports, their electrical pinout is documented in our Wiki. USB ports for sure not going to be able to be plugged in those! The inputs are not USB ports.

I gathered that but a bit of brute force and ignorance … :laughing:

The adaper will be a diy job, to get pins right. Then if someone would do the software/firmware side of this?

I might pick up that ball and run with it for a while.

I did already started some research to connect the Fanatec SQ Shifter and the Handbrake a very long time ago. I even started to write some Documentation how to built some kind of adapter.
But I stopped 3 month ago when the decision came out that the firmware will be closed source and there was no chance to get some kind of calibration routine for the Shifter into the firmware.
The Handbrake is working fine, I tested it with pCars2 and waiting for iRacing to release their Dirt Road content.

I would upload my documentation here, but I can’t upload a pdf file.


Exactly this type of development will be open source; the whole firmware project is definitively not required to be open to be able to develop that. Calibration routines and parameters can be easily added, etc. We would then incorporate them as parameters that can be changed with the configuration tool.

Why haven’t you contacted us before?

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At least this project exists already:

Someone should port that to STM32CubeMX based TrueStudio4 project, then we would be able to include that in firmware.

Those cheap RJ45 male to RJ12 female adapters on AliExpress will work to use the clubSport pedals on SimuCUBE or do we have to do more work to change pins?

Those will not work, the pinout is different. The RJ45 connector pinouts can be found from our wiki. Analog inputs in them are mainly meant for potentiometers.

Stolber, I’ve got a fanatec handbrake and a simucube.
Would you so please to share how to connect the handbrake directly to simucube?

Cheers mate!