Cooling fan capacity

From an old setup, I have three cooling fans off a fan controller. Will the “cooling fan” output on the Simucube board have any issues as the input to the fan controller for this capacity? The fans are nothing special, just 3 pwm case fans.

Let us know the voltage and current rating on the back. One fan would be recommended, depending the wattage rating…to high and it will overload the 5v vreg on the Simucube, causing problems…

PK-1 fan. Data sheet in a different language shows wattage at 0,72

Yep, the pk-1 will start and run slow rpm at 5v, but should be fine.

What is the actual output voltage for the fan? I just bought a 12v fan, but now realizing this may be 5vdc?

5V on the Simucube, but try the 12v fan, it may be good enough anyway, provided it starts on the 5v. If it does, good, you just need a tiny bit of airflow.