Converting from Wireless to Wired With Bump Stop

Thank you Mika, your advise fixed the issue,

One question we have

We have 8+ sims and now they have been updated the issues of disconnecting seem to have gone now.

One thing that happens is the following day the wheels won’t connect due to them being a sleep.

Holding the two paddles for a few seconds does wake the wheel up,

But doing this daily on 8+ sims is an issue,

Is there a way we can increase sleep mode to last 12 hours on ( what is the current timer set too? Can we modify? )

Can we change the wake up method to a any single paddle up shift / down shift = wheel on.

This will help greatly as we can just jump onto the sim and press once and the wheels should turn on and connect.


Hi Mika, would you be able to feedback on the recent request


Neither of those functions can be easily modified.