Controller from Momo Racing burnt

Best regards from Spain.
First of all thx for let me take part of your forum.
Im the owner of a Momo Racing Black from Logitech.
I have a great trouble with my stering wheel, Yesterday, I tried to connect it and when I connected this one, dont works correctly…I checked the voltage and was 52v when the original output is 24 v ,75 A. The force feedback driver seams to be burnt.
I located another power supply whith correct voltage but dont works.
The usb controller is installed and I can control correctly butons stering wheel and pedals. But the FFb driver seams will not work more.
Then it is posible to place an alternative ffb driver to substitute the ffb damaged??
If yes let me know if its posible how can I mix booth the logitech controller with the ffb, or I must to replace whole board???
Thx in advance for your answers.
Nice to meet you, Ignacio

Hello Ignacio,
We only deal with Granite Devices controller-devices here, driving direct-drive servos.

Anyway, by the sound of it, you will need to source a spare original equipment controller-board for your Logitech wheel. I know some guys have successfully upgraded/replaced those over the years, but google is your best friend in this case.