Consulta proyecto SimuCube

Hola, buenas tardes, actualmente me estoy embarcando en el proyecto de armar el volante con las placas SimuCube + Ioni. Mis consultas son:

  1. Se puede reemplazar la fuente de alimentación 400W MeanWell por DNR480PS48-I XP Power.
  2. Es recomendable usar Ionio PRO o HC?
    Muchas gracias.

Hi Sam,
My Spanish (or is it Portuguese?) is not that good, but I will try to answer:

  1. That PSU will be fine, it is pretty similar to the SDR-series that I normally use. It should be ok for the small MiGe, but if you want to run the big Mige at full capability, perhaps look at a 600W or 720W unit…

  2. Ioni Pro would be perfect for the small MiGe, for the big MiGe, the extra overhead the Pro HC provides is recommended.


Hola Sr Phillip muchas gracias por su pronta y valiosa respuesta. Efectivamente optaré por las placas Ioni HC.
Sobre la fuente voy a tratar de buscar y encontrar algo que me sirva para la versión de 720W. Por lo menos estoy en el comienzo. Seguiré consultando mas adelante seguramente. Nuevamente gracias.

Hola Sam,
You are most welcome :wink:

Pro HC is a very good investment, and on the PSU, you can look at the SDR-480-48 or SDR-480-P48. They can do short bursts up to >700W, and work very well except for the largest servos I tend to use.

If you are planning on using something like the AKM65 series, then I can recommend the SDR-960-48, but only if you are living in a 220-240VAC country.

For most people, the SDR-480-48 would be a very good investment.


Mis necesidades serian un termino medio para el proyecto. En mi país la tensión tendría que averiguar ese dato para poder comprar la fuente correcta. Pero estaría entre 220 - 240.
Tengo pensado ponerle el Kollmorgen AKM52. Y estoy viendo la fuente que podría ponerle con paciencia. :slight_smile:

Yep, the SDR-960-48 would work fine in your country, but anyway, for the AKM52G, as well as the AKM53G, you will be fine with the one you have listed earlier, or the SDR-480-48, no need to go higher than that.

So your plans sounds ok, but if I were in your shoes, I would rather buy large or small Mige with SinCOS encoder, it will be far better value for money, than the 52G servo. And performance will be quite similar, but with both Mige options, they will have more torque available and run a lot cooler than the 52G.

Me convenció con su respuesta Phillip. Mi consulta es saber en que parte del foro encuentro lo que me indica para ver los costos y los temas de envio.

Ha, all good, Mate, you’re welcome.

Pricing would be quite easy, you can visit Granite Devices website to get pricing on Simucube and Ioni, or, if you are in Spain, I would highly recommend to get yourself the Augury system - it is turn-key and some of the best pricing and service you will find.

You can contact Carlos Casas at Simracingcoach, he sells them on behalf of Augury…see here:

Si si lo conozco a Carlos una muy buena persona. El tema es que estoy en Argentina :frowning: pero bueno, ire de poco con el proyecto o de ultima lo llamaría a Carlos.
Muchas gracias! :slight_smile:

Good that you know Carlos, he’s a great guy.

Hopefully Mika from GD or Tero will chime in on the shipping to Argentina, I am not sure. But somehow things will work out for you so you can also enjoy the SimuCUBE experience :slight_smile: