Constant clipping in ACC


This is on a freshly purchased Simucube2 Pro.

What I’m doing wrong here?


Lower gain in ACC, increase in TD.

Why? I’d like to understand.

Because you can’t set the general gain to 100% and also leave the ffb for each car at 100%, it’s not just ACC that’s affected, all games are affected.
Just because you have a direct drive, doesn’t mean you can set the ffb to 100%. It either lowers the gain of the game concerned, or lowers the ffb for each car.

So, i maxed out in TD, and indeed got no audible clipping below 75% in ACC. If i set it higher than that, audible clipping is back. Is this normal?

Its normal. Clipping is when game gives constant maximum force to the wheel base. In many games you can set the forces so that you would be clipping, because it can be useful in gear driven wheels and such. But for DD wheels you generally want to avoid it.

Understand Sir. Thank you.

Clipping is from too much in-game gain, and you can’t prevent it with higher torque settings in True Drive. Clipping will occur at every setting in TD, wether it is 1Nm or 25Nm. It’s a very wide spread missunderstanding.
So, if you get clipping, lower in game force. It’s the only way to get rid of it.

I would add that clipping caused by going over kerbs is not much of a concern, yet the motor still beeps. Clipping while having a smooth tarmac, and cornering, that’s the problem, because you will lose detail there.

You can turn off the sound of clipping notifications (and audible notifications in general). It’s the 4th tab in TD, right at the top. You don’t get rid of clipping, only the sound of course.

My reply was related to clipping in general, what causes it and how to prevent it, which is turning down in-game forces.

Learn to love the occasional little clipping bleep from the SC2 wheelbases. It‘s a reminder to you that a sudden unexpected jolt probably isn‘t going to fracture your digits or your wrist.

I’m not there yet, but one day maybe…

Aris from Kunos (he is physics engineer and worked on both AC and ACC) has made some videos and propose to set overall force in ACC to 50 for DD, or even lower. There will be hardly clipping, and you can start in TD with 50 aswell. Start with recon 1, leave the rest at default. Crank up TD torque till you are happy with the overall force, then add small portion of damping/friction if necessary/better for you.

I myself check the torque of a real car, and use this as a starting point. Power steered cars I start between 8 and 12Nm.

Those who have only the steering wheel as source of information need maybe more. IMO it’s asked too much from a steering wheel to deliver all FFB information.

Once you have active pedals/pedals with motors the DD will be one of various sources, and at this moment the endless fiddling around with the settings is over.

Let’s take Fe sudden oversteering/slips because you are too early on the throttle, there is no traction control, tyres have wear, are maybe too hot Aso. The way you throttle is causing the problem (and informs you immediately). The steering wheel is the tool to catch the car, and will inform you about the outcome of the decisions you made.

Finally, the sensation, immersion you get is just amazing. A 4 rumble motors set, a shaker underneath the seat an amplifier and Simhub will cost you maximum 250/300 bucks. The best bang for bucks…by far…