Connecting Simucube via usb without power

Hi, im making a simucube install and i want to know if the board should be recognized by windows even if its unpowered just usb connected or not, i have a meanwell psp 600-48 psu but when measuring the output i get 8 volt and when connecting simucube board i get 4 volt on psu output, im getting the psu to repair but i just tried to connect the simucube board to pc via usb x3 or x4 to see if the pc recognizes the simucube, it is mandatory to have power to be recognized by the pc? thanks in advance!!


Yes, a power supply is required, SimuCUBE is not USB powered.

Thanks for the fast reply, i´ll try again when psu arrive, lets hope its an easy fix.

Just another question so i dont open a new thread, i got a 54,5 volt power supply which is a little bit on the limit of the ioni specifications, i got the early bird ioni pro from the ioni indiegogo campaign, the 18A version. Will it work the psu with my ioni and simucube board?

That voltage is too high, leaving insufficient headroom.

The maximum is 49 V as written in the specs here: